Me and Lisa had a great time. Although it was windy, we still was able to have fun, bug out and just make sure that we let nothing hold us back. We laughed all day - was crazy!



Making the book with my alumni is so enjoyable as I reflect on my most memorable experiences before, during, and of course, after high school. I love the simplicity of creating the book, getting re-acquainted, collaborating and networking with some good friends and buddies. I enjoy getting a fresh look of each and everyone’s life experiences, sharing them with my family, and talking about it amongst my alumni family.

“AlumniBox is the New Hot Thing!”   ~ Jen

AlumniBox Customer & Assistatnt

I like AlumniBox because it allows me to put what I WANT TO PUT in the book with little to no restrictions. I still have my yearbook, but so much has happened since then and it is wayyy outdated. I have one friend that never ordered it and wishes she did…so this is kinda like a new opportunity with “the freshness.” So many people talk on the phone about fun and nostalgic times and this book lifts my spirits which is something I always need and enjoy in my life. My job is stressful enough, but from time to time, I love just looking at me and my peeps nice times all put together. I definitely feel working with everyone to create the book…and definitely the $10 a month payment plan…man…I didn’t feel a thing – was totally up my alley!

Thanks, AlumniBox!


AlumniBox Customer

AlumniBox…what can I say? I cried-laughing when I received my book. Hilarious! This is sooooo cool. I feel like that song by Beyonce..’Update me’…or is it “Upgrade me?” – whatever LOL. Okay…seriously, thank you so much, AlumniBox. I used to rely on seeing a few pictures on one site and a few pictures on another site which was frustrating because the photos were taken down by the person or there are restrictions not allowing me to see the photos. My new book is cool, was inexpensive, and because it allows for us alumni to have a limited edition book, I can sit down in my home and share with my friends and family. Real cool. And was crazy simple…that’s the part I really liked.

“Thank you, AlumniBox.” ~ Addison

AlumniBox Customer

After a few years from my graduation, I wanted to know what was going on with my friends hoping they were doing okay and maybe I could even help or they could help me….I find it hard to network with people, but since all of us have something in common, it makes it easy for us to see how we can meet up and discuss possibilities. I love the quality with creativity, and I definitely appreciated the payment options. Really nice!

“AlumniBox Rocks!” ~ Monique

AlumniBox Customer

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