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Me and Lisa had a great time. Although it was windy, we still was able to have fun, bug out and just make sure that we let nothing hold us back. We laughed all day - was crazy!

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Simple Task

Keep it SIMPLE!

It works!

Simply Simple PROCESS: At AlumniBox, we simply work to keep things simple for the alumnus. Let us handle the complexity of putting it together with a quality custom-created book for your group. The finished product will be very nice and polished.

Simply Simple UPLOADS: Your group is special to you and your fellow alumni; it is also special to us! Due to the simplicity of the photo uploads, of which you are probably very familiar with, alumni get the photos in, quickly. Everyone does the same, and the end result (your group’s book) will be a nice tangible keepsake for you and your family and friends to share, forever.

Simply Simple STATUS: After you upload your photos, simply click ‘STATUS’ to check on the status of your fellow alumni efforts. This can help to identify who still needs to upload more photos and who needs to be contacted to join the group.

Simply Simple ORDERS: On a budget? We have a simple ordering and pricing package for everyone. Either buy the book outright OR simply subscribe to take advantage of the low EZ-Pay #2.99 weekly pay…which is helpful for those on a budget.

Simply TEAMWORK: Our history of working with teams such as yours has proven that our system creates a quality, artful and professionally designed book for you and your group.

Your Team + Our Team = Art!

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